Karo Pharma

    • HemoClin is a simple-to-use treatments for haemorrhoids, fissures, and anal discomforts. Internal and external haemorrhoids and fissures are treated. HemoClin Gel is a gel that includes the proprietary 2QR complex. By forming a physical barrier, HemoClin gel cools, lubricates, stimulates haemorrhoid healing, and prevents germs. The concentrated mix of HemoClin Gel ensures a cooling effect for quick relief and a lubricating impact to ease and facilitate bowel motions.
    • A complete range of wart and verruca treatments
    • Wortie is unique in the market as it has a patented metal tip. Metal is a very effective conductor of cold. This allows Wortie to deliver highly effective and targeted freezing power without direct contact between the gas and the skin.
    • NAILNER are the experts in treating nail fungus with millions of treatments sold worldwide.NAILER was the first product
    • to use a specially designed carrier system which effectively delivers the active ingredients deep into the nail bed to prevent nail fungus activity and growth.



Usage  : Wortie Advanced   Product Specification As...

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Usage  : HemoClin Tube 37g (With Applicator) HemoClin...

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